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This T-shirt is produced in collaboration between Arpenteur and Gimme Five. It is made from thick and durable Rachel mesh. “RELIVE THE FUTURE” is screen printed on the front, using water-based ink.

Gimme Five was founded in London in 1989 and is known for representing, distributing and connecting authentic contemporary brands whose products speak for themselves. It also produces its own clothing, objects and playlists.

“In the early 2000s, I was staying in London while working summer jobs. At the time, The Hideout and Foot Patrol (in its original form with the automatic door and caged sneakers) still existed, and I loved going to both shops. They'd both been opened in the 90s by Mickael Kopelman, Gimme Five's founder. 

By chance, ten years later, Laurent and I met Hitomi from Gimme Five, who introduced us to Kazuki Kuraishi, with who we created several collaborative pieces.

We stayed in touch with Hitomi after that. When she contacted us with the idea of using Gimme Five's iconic inscriptions on our products, we immediately discussed developing a small collection with Michael Kopelman and her.”



“I met ALAN and FRITZ in the mid 80’s in London. They were part of HOBAC. 
When I moved from Great Portland Street to George Street in 1987 I asked them to build some furniture for me. One of the pieces they built was a long table that bolted to the wall which I put my record decks and TV on. It also had record storage. Fritz made some massive storage drawers for the unit. one of them was routed or carved with ‘RELIVE THE FUTURE'.”

Michael Kopelman, GIMME FIVE




112,50 EUR

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Product details
  • Gimme Five collaboration
  • 100% cotton 
  • Heavy Rachel mesh
  • Uncountable mesh
  • Hand printed
  • Rolled hem
  • Made in France
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