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Two explorers scope out the surface of a recently discovered planet. This unknown world is a land of promise for men. Will they be able to exercise more wisdom as they look to the future?

This series of Régric prints consists of freehand-drawn lines and a collage of vintage Letraset frames. Screen-printed by hand.

Screen print on Rivoli 300g paper.

Dimensions: 50x50cm (19.75"x19.75")

Hand printed by the Chalopin workshop in Lyon, France.

Limited edition, signed by Régric.

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"Planet" Screen print

54,17 EUR

VAT non incl.

Product details
  • Screen print
  • Rivoli 300g paper
  • Dimensions: 50x50cm (19.75"x19.75")
  • Limited edition
  • Signed by Régric
  • Hand printed in Lyon by Atelier Chalopin